The STRATCOM Mindset

The mindset required for effective Strategic Communications is “to put information strategy at all levels of policy, planning and implementation, and then, as a fully integrated part of the overall effort, ensure the development of practical and effective strategies that make a real contribution to success,” according to Mark Laity.

Laity is the Chief Strategic Communications at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe), the headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), which commands all NATO military operations. He is in charge of developing and coordinating the long-term strategic communications plans and strategy for NATO’s military.

He will expand on “the STRATCOM mindset” when he speaks at the 4th National Summit on Strategic Communications on April 22-23 in Washington DC.

For more, see Mark Laitys approach to shaping the information battlefield, a presentation he made at a  Strategic Communications Masterclass hosted by Albany Associates.