Thought leadership, best practices and enhanced engagement

LeadershipThe Strategic Communications Leadership Initiative provides thought leadership and sets standards for practicing strategic communications, thereby advancing the profession.

We identify and endorse best practices to enhance engagement and share methods to increase the effectiveness and value of strategic communications. We do this by encouraging diverse thinking, fostering learning and achieving synergy of ideas and innovation among people and across organizations. The SCLI engages an active volunteer Board of Advisors, advises on the program content at a National Summit on Strategic Communications, and conducts interactive programs, seminars and training to share knowledge and expertise within the professional community.

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Professionals and academics with exemplary credentials and experience

aboutUsThe Strategic Communications Leadership Initiative is a non-profit organization that connects a community of senior executives, communications directors and public affairs officers from corporations, the military, government agencies and other non-profit organizations and NGOs. A Board of Directors leads the organization and receives guidance from an Advisory Board consisting of respected professionals with experience working at a senior level in the field of strategic communications. Membership on the Advisory Board is an honorary appointment offered to professionals and academics with exemplary credentials and experience in the field of strategic communications.

The organization’s Directors are uniquely qualified by educational and professional experience to lead the SCLI and consult on the delivery of educational conferences on strategic communications. Each Director has been active at a senior level in corporate, military and/or government organizations and in projects directly related to strategic communications.

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Always an engaging and relevant agenda

SummitOnStrategicCommThe National Summit on Strategic Communications is organized annually in Washington DC with support of various military and private sector sponsors. This relevant and highly-interactive “Strategic Summit” is recognized by public affairs and communications executives as a leading forum on strategic communications. The event is global in scope and strategic in focus. With plenary speakers and panel discussions-program content is at a high level, yet practical, and is designed to attract senior executives, communications directors and public affairs officers from corporations, the military and government who are actively addressing critical issues facing organizations today. The SCLI provides guidance on speakers and topics to the event organizers.

For information about the 10th National Summit on Strategic Communicationsplease visit

Register today to attend April 25-26, 2019 in Constitution Hall at American University in Washington, DC

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